Power Line Markers

Low Line Warning Flags

SpanMark warning flags are a low cost solution for marking low hanging live lines. Made of durable vinyl material in bright orange or yellow. Each flag comes with a patented SnapFAST Clamp for simple, sure installation by hand or hot stick.

SpanMark Power Line Warning Flags Opening the SnapFast Clamp


SpanMark power line warning flags make it quick, easy, and affordable to mark low hanging hot power lines near utility facilities, construction sites, or anywhere tall equipment or helicopters might strike a line. Choose either bright orange or yellow with either a universal symbol for a live line or "Danger High Voltage" lettering. Other colors, symbols, wording, and numbering are available by special order. SpanMark flags are 13.375" x 11.5" and made from a durable, flexible vinyl material.

Easy Installation

SpanMark power line warning flags can be installed and removed from the ground without interrupting power. Our patented and rugged SnapFast mounting clamp prevents line slippage on single or bundled cables. The SnapFast clamp installs in seconds from the ground or a bucket using a hot stick equipped with a SnapFast installation tool. Simply push the unit up against the hot or cold line and the clamp snaps shut. The clamp can be quickly removed using the same tool. Once in position, the grip is such that the SpanMark stays in position, even in a Force 8 gale. Choose from two sizes of clamp: 10–70 mm (0.39–2.75 in.) or 4–16 mm (0.16–0.63 in.).

SnapFast Installation Tool Information & Ordering


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