Power Line Markers, Bird Diverters, and FAA Obstruction Lights

Bird Diverter

The SpanGuard™ Bird Diverter is the only bird diverter designed for power lines up to 500 kV. Smaller bird diverters from P&R Tech, such as the BirdMark and FireFly®, are commonly installed on distribution and transmission lines under 115 kV to effectively warn and protect birds, but only our SpanGuard™ Bird Diverter is designed to withstand the corona effects of lines up to 500 kV, as tested in a high voltage lab.

SpanGuard Bird Diverter for Power Lines
SpanGuard Bird Diverter for Power Lines

SpanGuard Performance

The SpanGuard Bird Diverter is derived from our industry standard SpanGuard AL aluminum power line markers with a proven record on high voltage lines. The bird diverter is a 12″ aluminum sphere painted a bright yellow that stands out among the range of colors that birds see well. Durable phosphorescent tape provides the night glow capability. The SpanGuard Bird Diverter satisfies US Fish and Wildlife guidelines.

Night Glow Capability

Other types of bird diverters are typically designed to help birds avoid obstructions during daylight, but recent studies indicate that most bird collisions happen during low light situations—such as during fog or rain, and in the hours before and after dusk. The SpanGuard Bird Diverter glows up to 10 hours after the sun has set, providing extended protection for at risk birds.

Simple Installation

A simple “U” bolt is provided to securely attach the SpanGuard Bird Diverter to the line. It can also be installed over a set of preform armor rods for line protection.

Ordering Information

The SpanGuard Bird Diverter is a custom, made-to-order product. Utilities should order 8–12 weeks in advance of installation, or longer during the peak summer season or for special orders.

Please allow 6–8 weeks for your order to be processed and shipped. Contact us if you need a specific shipping date. Please note that shipping time is in addition to processing time and will vary according to the shipping address.

This product often cannot ship via UPS, FedEx, and similar carriers. After your order is placed we will contact you to arrange appropriate shipping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your card will be charged twice: once for your marker order and a second time for shipping (after you have approved it). If you prefer a single, combined charge to your card, please place your order by phone at 800-722-8078.

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