Power Line Markers, Bird Diverters, and FAA Obstruction Lights

All-in-One Solar L-810

This all-in-one solar powered system puts L-810 obstruction lighting right where you need it, without having to connect to the power grid. SunPOWR AIO is fully integrated for a fast and trouble-free installation on cranes, bridges, airport perimeters, and all kinds of towers (including utility transmission towers, telecom towers, MET towers, and radio towers).

SunPOWR RTO Solar Powered Obstruction Lights SunPOWR AIO Controller Annual Solar Radiation Map
SunPOWR RTO Solar Powered Obstruction Lights SunPOWR AIO Controller Annual Solar Radiation Map


SunPOWR AIO (All-in-One) includes a rugged solar module, a sealed gel battery that never needs watering, a weatherproof NEMA 4X system enclosure (with prewired controller and battery), and a prewired and tested dual L-810 LED lighting system (single light by special order). It’s all attached to a single aluminum frame that you simply bolt it into place and turn on!

The standard model of SunPOWR AIO comes with battery capacity suitable for the majority of dual L-810 applications worldwide. Other configurations are available by special order. Get started by calling us about your project needs.

Energy Savings

In the past, incandescent lights required either 220 watts for the 810 lights or 1,000 watts for the 864 system. With LED lights, only 3–15 watts DC is needed to power the FAA lighting systems. This reduces the number of solar panels and batteries, as well as overall system cost. By using solar energy to power lights and sensors, the load is removed from the grid, resulting in an ideal “green” solution.

SunPOWR AIO Specifications

Photovoltaic Solar Modules

  • High efficiency crystalline silicon
  • Meets JPL Block V durability criteria
  • Tempered glass & aluminum frame with junction box
  • Listed to UL 1703 & ULC ORD-C1703

Gel Cell Sealed Batteries

  • Sealed maintenance-free (never needs watering)
  • Excellent deep-cycling performance
  • Immobilized, non-spillable electrolyte
  • Transports Easily and Safely

Charge/Load System Controller

  • Field proven high efficiency design
  • Temperature compensated charging
  • Low voltage load disconnect
  • UL listed

Battery/Control Enclosure & Solar Mount

  • Completely pre-assembled
  • Heavy duty aluminum solar mounting frame
  • Weatherproof battery/controller enclosure
  • Integrated solar array
  • Color-coded, pre-cut wiring harness
  • Color-coded, pre-wired system
  • Easy-to-follow manual/system schematics

Lighting Control (Optional)

  • Ten field adjustable lighting control options
  • Manual test capability
  • Detects day and night using the PV array


Buy America Act and ARRA 2009
FAA Advisory Bulletin EB#76

Ordering Information

SunPOWR AIO Model Solar Wattage Battery Capacity Enclosure Rating Lighting Control Option
60-108-12-SL 60 108 Ahr NEMA 4 Dusk / Dawn