Power Line Markers

Low Line Markers & Signs

P&R Tech offers a versatile selection of effective, durable, and affordable warning and marking systems for low power lines, poles, towers, transformers, and other utility structures. These include:

  • SpanMark warning flags and QuikMark marking system to mark low hanging lines
  • SnapFast installation tool for quickly and easily installing bird diverters and low line flags and markers that use the patented SnapFast clamp.
  • BriteStripe reflectors to make utility poles stand out clearly, day or night
  • SnapSign marking system that simply clips onto the power line
  • Long-lasting aluminum number & ID systems from Hammarprodukter

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SpanMark Low Line Warning Flags

Low cost solution for marking low hanging live lines. Choose orange, yellow, or red. Text, symbol, and reflector options. Includes patented SnapFast Clamp for quick installation by hand or hot stick.

Starts at: $62.00

QuikMark Low Line Marker

Ideal for construction sites, industrial plants, marinas, anywhere machinery can strike low hanging distribution lines. Simple installation by hotstick with SnapFast spring clamp. Optional yellow reflector. 10" dia.

Starts at: $85.00

BriteStripe Warning Reflectors

Highly reflective, aluminum-backed bands wrap around utility poles and other obstructions. Available in silver, yellow, red, orange, and neon green. Reflective numbers can be added.

Starts at: $12.00

SnapSign Marking System

Highly legible, extremely durable, and quick-to-install warning and numbering signs. Install directly on hot lines, static lines, bundled lines. Widely used throughout the world to mark all kinds of lines.

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Hammar Aluminum Marking Systems

Hammar Aluminum Marking Systems

Legendary Hammarproduktor quality! These aluminum signs, numbers, and marking systems are easy to use and last for years—long past lower cost, less durable alternatives.

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SnapFast® Installation Tool

SnapFast® Installation Tool

Quickly and safely install or remove bird diverters and low line markers that use SnapFast clamps. Installation tool attaches to a hot stick. Allows installation from ground or bucket.