Power Line Markers, Bird Diverters, and FAA Obstruction Lights

FireFly® XA
Crossarm Bird Hazing

Effectively haze and discourage birds from perching, roosting, and nesting within a 30 foot radius in towers, substations, and other structures. The FireFly XA hangs a proven FireFly FF bird diverter from highly durable insulating stand that easily clamps to crossarms, lattices, and similar shapes.

FireFly XA Crossarm Bird Hazing FireFly XA Crossarm Bird Hazing
FireFly XA Crossarm Bird Hazing FireFly XA Crossarm Bird Hazing

Bird Droppings Take a Toll

When birds take flight from perching and roosting, they stream, which leads to some serious problems, including power outages, safety concerns, and toxic pollution.

The FireFly XA employs an industry standard FireFly FF bird diverter attached to a durable and lightweight stand that clamps securely to crossarms, lattices, and similar structures. The FireFly FF diverter spins, reflects, and glows (up to 12 hours after dusk) to disturb birds within a 30 foot radius. Birds end up seeking a more peaceful location. 

World’s Most Effective Bird Diverter

Recommended by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, FireFly diverters are used worldwide and have been shown to be the most effective bird diverters in independent studies.

  • FireFly FF spins in winds above 3 mph. The stainless steel ball bearing swivel resists salt spray and adverse weather.
  • Research at Cornell University shows that birds can see both visible and ultraviolet light. FireFly FF is highly visible to birds in both parts of the spectrum.
  • Diamond bar material refracts sunlight and provides a “sparkle effect” visible to birds up to a quarter mile away.
  • Luminescent material emits visible light for up to 12 hours after dusk, and in low light or fog conditions, when birds are most vulnerable.
  • FireFly FF is made from impact resistant & UV-stabilized acrylic rated for -30 F to 160 F.

Designed for Long Term Use

The FireFly XA stand is made from the same rugged and weather-resistant insulating material used to clamp FireFly diverters directly to power lines, but adds 50% fiberglass to ensure an even longer operating life. 

Fast, Simple Installation

FireFly XA simply clamps onto most crossarms and can be installed with a hot stick. Adapter brackets are provided for crossarms smaller than 4 inches. Recommended spacing between bird diverters is 25 feet. This distance may need to be reduced depending on line-of-sight and other considerations.

Two sizes of FireFly XA are available and may be used together:

Tall model (pn KS07007): 33.5″ from beam to FireFly (7 lbs)
Short model (pn KS07006): 16.5″ from beam to FireFly (5.75 lbs)

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