Power Line Markers, Bird Diverters, and FAA Obstruction Lights

Warning Reflectors

Make poles and other structures highly visible day and night with highly reflective, highly visible aluminum-backed BriteStripe warning reflectors. The flexible bands are ideally suited to wrapping around utility poles, as well as marking transformer covers, guy wires, and other potential hazards for pedestrians and motorists.

BriteStripe Power Line Warning Reflectors
BriteStripe Power Line Warning Reflectors

BriteStripe also works well at the top of poles to make them more visible to pilots and is also effective at marking other obstructions, such as highway guard rails, industrial support beams, and dangerous corners.

BriteStripe is available in five colors: silver, amber, red, florescent green, and florescent orange. Other colors are available by special order. The BriteStripe material comes in 36″ lengths and in 2″, 4″, and by special order, 6″ widths. Contact P&R Tech for shorter or longer lengths, or rolls.

The aluminum backing is both rigid and flexible, which allows quick and easy installation around utility poles or railings and helps prevent squirrels from climbing poles. The rugged 3M reflective sheeting is very durable and bright. Reflective numbers can be added to better identify location.

Installation is quick and easy. BriteStripe can be ordered with VHB tape on the back. Alternatively, roofer nails, staples, screws, or adhesive can be used. Additional holes can also be added for banding or tie wraps, as used in guy wire installations.

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