Power Line Markers

Marking System

This system of proven SpanGuard markers warns low flying pilots and drone operators of higher power lines crossing their flight path. Utilities are increasingly using low flying helicopters and drones to inspect their power lines for potential problems. With the pilot or operator concentrating on looking down at the power lines, there’s a greater chance of colliding with higher lines that cross above the lines they’re following. Signs have been used to alert pilots, but they’re not always noticed, especially if seen from an angle.

Crossover Power Line Marker Crossover Power Line Marker Crossover Power Line Marker Mounting Sequence Crossover Power Line Marker Mounting Instructions

A Distinctive Warning Pattern

The CrossOver Marking System uses yellow and orange spherical SpanGuard markers in a specific sequence to alert low flying craft of upcoming crossing lines.

  • For wooden poles, monopoles, or lattice towers, a 20" yellow marker is mounted directly to the pole (below the power lines) at least two towers ahead of the upcoming crossover, telling a pilot to “Start up now!”
  • A 20" orange marker is mounted to the pole ahead of the crossover, telling a pilot to “Be up now!”
  • Depending on pole spacing, the markers may need to be mounted on earlier poles to give sufficient time for the pilot to respond. Also, multiple yellow markers may be desirable ahead of the orange marker.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • SpanGuard markers are the industry standard for marking power lines, so they are familiar to pilots.
  • The large spherical markers can be seen from all directions and are much more noticeable than signs. Signs must also be mounted high on the poles, near or above energized lines, which raises safety concerns for linemen mounting the signs.
  • The markers are brilliant in color and retain their color for many years.
  • The markers can be mounted below live conductors, allowing linemen to easily install them with less risk.
  • SpanGuard markers are low cost and do not require maintenance. Made of durable ABS plastic, many SpanGuard markers have been in continuous service for over 50 years.


The CrossOver Marking System includes installation hardware the securely mounts the markers to the side of wooden poles. Mounting hardware consists of a threaded rod (that penetrates through the wooden pole), nuts, bolts, washers, and a protective thread cover. For lattice towers, the marker can be mounted to the lattice support columns with U-bolts (not provided).

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