Power Line Markers


There isn’t always room between conductors to install a 24” or 36” marker, and sometimes installation from a cart is difficult even when there is sufficient spacing. The SpanGuard Hanger starts with either a SpanGuard ABS or SpanGuard Aluminum marker and replaces the usual spiral preform installation hardware with a single compression clamp that allows the marker to be suspended from the line. For more information about SpanGuard Hanger, please contact us directly.

SpanGuard Power Line Hanger
SpanGuard Power Line Hanger

P&R Tech is the worldwide leader in power line markers and related safety products for the utilities industry. We introduced our original SpanGuard/HeliMark spherical markers in 1960, and many of them remain in service to this day, warning pilots of wires in their flight path.

Through the years, we have improved our marker design and extended it to a variety of models that fit nearly any application and budget—from our economical Redball markers to aluminum markers that attach to today’s high temperature lines.

Talk to us about your application. We can help match the right markers with the job, provide the necessary quote, coordinate with your project schedule, and as needed, arrange helicopter installation.

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