BirdMark BM-AG Power Line Bird Diverter

BM-AG Bird Diverter

Birds large and small—including swans, eagles, hawks, ducks, geese, and many others—often cannot see power lines near the horizon, and they lack the maneuverability to avoid them when they get close enough to see them. Over one million birds are killed annually in North America! BirdMark BM-AG (After Glow) bird diverters are designed to prevent collisions between birds and hard-to-see power lines day or night.

BirdMark Data Sheet (PDF)
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Opening a SnapFAST Clamp before installation

Easy to See

The BirdMark BM-AG bird diverter offers a low cost, permanent solution for helping endangered species avoid power lines in traditional flight paths. BirdMarks stand out like a beacon against background features, letting birds see where the power lines are. When swaying in the wind, BirdMarks also make a noise that birds can hear. Highly reflective orange and yellow tape is positioned in the center of each BirdMark bird diverter to further assist in warning birds.

Night Glow Capability

Other types of bird diverters are usually designed to help birds avoid obstructions during daylight, but recent studies indicate that most bird collisions happen during low light situations such as fog, rain, and the hours before and after dusk. The BirdMark BM-AG glows up to 10 hours after the sun has set, providing extended protection for at risk birds.

Easy to Install

The BirdMark BM-AG bird diverter can be installed and removed from the ground without interrupting power. Our patented SnapFast mounting clamp securely prevents line slippage on single or bundled cables 0.375"–2.75" in diameter. (Clamp for smaller lines available by special order.) Once in position, the grip is such that the BirdMark BM-AG stays in position, even in a Force 8 gale.

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  • Highly visible day and night
  • Sways and reflects in the wind to alert birds of obstructions
  • Glows up to 10 hours after dusk and in other low light conditions
  • Fully tested and developed by biologists
  • Rugged spring-loaded clamp prevents line slippage
  • Quick installation by hot stick
  • Easily moved for seasonal flight path variations
  • Also hazes birds from buildings and structures


  • 11 ½” total length
  • 5 3/8″ diameter white disk
  • Use 15ft spacing for best results